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All children are unique and full of creativity.  We promise to bring classical and professional ballet and technique training to each and every dancer who walks through our doors.  It's our goal to develop a love for dance and self-expression through technique, creative movement, and performance training.  We are fully committed to providing a family-friendly atmosphere that instills confidence, grace, dedication, commitment, and joy in each dancer's life.  We will continue to educate ourselves and our teachers so we can continue to bring premier instruction to our students.  Performances are exciting, and so important, but we believe it's not just about the performance, but the journey that creates and incredible dancer and human.

ADA is a place where your child can feel at home. We try and create a family environment for all our students. We want each dancer to feel like a name not a number. Each child's dance training and experience is our top priority. We focus on communication, organization, and honesty with our dancer's parents.

Come and join our growing family! We'd be delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and your child. 

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